Al-Ko HY4 Self leveling system

The AL-KO HY4 ­hydraulic steady leg ­system ­ensures stability in the living area for motorhomes up to 6 ­tonnes. ­AL-KO HY4 automatically takes care of the millimetre-accurate ­levelling of the ­motorhome at the pitch in about one minute. To ensure that no damaging forces act on the superstructure, the legs are always extended in pairs on the longitudinal or transverse axis.

Clean and space-saving

In contrast to other steady legs systems, where the support legs are supplied via hydraulic lines by a centrally located pump with an oil tank, each support leg of the AL-KO HY4 has its own pump with an oil tank. This can be mounted flexibly in the immediate vicinity of the leg. This reduces the installation effort and eliminates the need for components that block storage space inside the vehicle. Therefore, it is one of the most ­modern ­hydraulic systems on the market.

Once purchased, the steady leg system can be easily reconfigured when you change vehicles so that your new ­motorhome will also have a steady footing. AL-KO HY4 comes with the usual, excellent   AL-KO quality, is durable, robust, maintenance-free and quiet.

Clean, space-saving and safe

  • No bulky hydraulic components in the vehicle interior
  • No need to lay hydraulic hoses over the entire length of the vehicle
  • No breakthrough in the superstructure required
  • Leak proof guarantee remains unchanged
  • No risk of oil pollution during construction
  • System informs whether levelling is possible
  • Drive-off protection
  • Child safety lock and anti-theft protection

Intuitive LED remote control

  • Accurate levelling within one minute
  • Freely programmable additional functions – e. g. personal sleeping position and tank emptying

Optimal weight distribution

  • Four independent hydraulic assemblies directly on the chassis
  • Low centre of gravity
  • Net weight of the system approx. 69 kg (depending on vehicle variant)

Premium professional quality

  • Tested chassis connection from the chassis specialist
  • High-quality AL-KO quality – durable, robust and maintenance-free.
  • System can be removed in the event of a vehicle change
  • Short reaction time due to shorter hydraulic hoses
  • Index of protection IP66 K

Intuitive and easy

To use the AL-KO HY4 via the remote control in the ­driver’s cab. Easy to understand buttons ­control the steady legs for manual and automatic ­levelling. In addition, two additional functions can be freely programmed in: for example ­your personal sleeping position and the ­tilt for emptying the waste water tank. Thanks to the built-in inclination sensor, the system informs in advance whether levelling is possible in the event of severe inclination.

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