V & B Semi & Full Air Suspension


When it comes to comfort in a motorhome, there’s few things more critical than the vehicles suspension system. It affects how much of the terrain is transferred through to passengers on uneven or rough terrain, how steady the drive is when you’re being battered with crosswinds or when dealing with the motorhome pitching or rolling.

Air suspension deals with all of these problems. From helping to absorb shock from uneven terrain to reducing long term suspension wear and fatigue. A full air suspension system can even help empty your water tanks by pitching the motorhome to one side.

Semi Air Suspension

The VB semi air suspension system allows for limited manual adjustment of the motorhome. On a vehicle with leaf springs, an air spring is fitted between the chassis and the rear axle that supports the leaf spring of the vehicle,  using a two chamber system it allows the user to separately control the left or right suspension, this allows a certain degree of levelling even when the vehicle itself is loaded unevenly.

Benefits include

  • Higher ride height and increased spring travel
  • Improved stability
  • Reduced off-centre level
  • Variable spring force
  • Good value for money
  • ‘Plug-and-play’ system allows for quick installation
  • The body, equipment and load remain protected against vibration/impact
  • Heavy loads are no longer noticeable from the outside
  • Less strain on the shock absorbers

Full Air Suspension

VB’s full air suspension kit can be set to automatically detect the best level for maximum comfort, or can be manually adjusted using the remote control. This system includes air springs, shock absorbers, height sensors, a compressor and an electronic control unit (VB-ASCU) and, depending on the make and model of vehicle, is available for both the front and rear axle.

When on the road, the VB air suspension maintains the vehicles ride height to ensure maximum comfort for the whole journey.

Ride height not only determines comfort, but as it affects the stability of the motorhome it also increases safety and drivability. When the vehicle is stationary, the system can also aid in loading/ unloading by lowering or raising where required.

  • Increases the ride height
  • Minimises sagging
  • Reduces vehicle roll
  • Improves suspension comfort
  • Improves driving characteristics
  • Increases safety
  • Improves stability
  • Control options


    • Control options
    • Constant ride height
    • Improved comfort
    • Optimum driveability
    • Increased stability
    • Comfortable ride for passengers
    • Improved protection for fragile goods
    • Less wear on tyres/brakes

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