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Thirty years of trading have seen VB-Airsuspension grow to an international cornerstone of the air suspension industry with a market presence in many continents over the world. Quality, innovation and ease of use are at the heart of VB’s products, offering a wide range of options to solve a multitude of problems.


But don’t take our word for it, over their thirty-year history, VB’s expertise has been recognised by accredited manufacturers such as; (deep breath) Fiat, Citroën, Ford, Hyundai, Izuzu, Iveco, Kia, Land Rover, MAN, Ligier, Mazda, Mercedes, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Opel, Peugeot, Renault, Tata, Toyota, Vauxhall and VW. In fact, Mercedes now fit VB air suspension on their own assembly line when the build calls for it.


With this manufacturer partner approval, VB-Airsuspension does not void a manufacturers warranty when its installed, which is a possibility for 3rd party aftermarket kits


Examples of VB’s products can be found on many vehicles that you’ll see on the road daily.


All Fiat Ducato based ambulances are fitted with VB full air suspension, not only to aid in ride comfort and stability, but to raise and lower the rear axle for ease of access. Both RAC and AA fit VB-Airsuspension to their vans to help with uneven loads from heavy tools. VB can also be found on utility vehicles, HGVs, LGVs and of course, motorhomes.


What’s your problem?

VB’s product offering is built around problem solving, so before we can identify the best solution and best product for you, we need to understand the issues you’re looking to deal with.

If your motorhome or campervan is rocking, swaying or wallowing then VB’s shock absorbers may be a cost effective solution to resolving this. By using FSD (frequency selective damping) the shock absorber regulates the flow of oil through an internal valve to help compensate for any instability. To complement this, VB also manufacture spacer blocks, struts and coil springs. If you’re feeling every bump in the road, if ride height is an issue or if you’re looking to carry a bigger payload, then semi or full air suspension will work wonders for you.

AL-KO Chassis

VB Manufacture a variety of kits to suit the many AL-KO chassis configurations out there. Most chassis manufacturers will have AL-KO versions of their chassis, either by AL-KO extensions to the original chassis or by having an AL-KO chassis throughout the cab. As these can vary so much from the layout of the “standard” chassis, VB manufacture kits specifically for each chassis. A quick and easy way to identify if your motorhome is on AL-KO is by looking at your suspension, most standard motorhome chassis use leaf spring suspension while AL-KO chassis use a torsion beam instead.

AL-KO Torsion bar

Leaf spring suspension

Semi Air Suspension

Semi air suspension is when we fit airbags To replace the factory bump stops to provide support to your leaf springs.

Whilst some height may be gained on the rear axle from semi-air, its main purpose is to aid with stability (Users with motorhomes which have worn torsion beams typically see the most lift in height compared to newer models or AL-KO based motorhomes) Our most common installation has a compressor located underneath the seat, gauges & valves installed in the coin storage on the right side of the steering wheel on Fiat Ducato cabs with manual handbrakes.

Semi air suspension is also commonly required when deciding to up-plate your motorhome.

Full Air Suspension

Full air suspension is when your existing leaf sprung suspension is replaced with airbags, this can be either front or rear only, or on both axles.

VB’s Full Air suspension comes in two varieties for motorhomes and campervans, 2C & 4C, which translates to single axle air suspension or front & rear air suspension (2Corners, or 4Corners) Both systems provide plenty of options for comfort.

2C Features – Along with all the comfort and safety improvements that come with air suspension, the 2C system features a ferry mode which raises the rear suspension as high as it will go and a loading mode which drops the rear end as low as possible. Ideal to stop you grounding out on the ferry or if you have a rear mounted bike carrier and want to reduce how far you need to lift the bike or loading up your garage.

4C Features – With control over the front end height as well as the rear, even more lift can be achieved when using ferry mode or loading mode. Sport mode lowers the chassis to allow for better handling and control while offroad mode raises the chassis to give better overall ground clearance. The car park function lowers the chassis to its lowest point to aid with entry/ exit of car parks or gated premises. Water and waste can be discharged simply by using the function which tilts the van to allow either tank to be easily emptied.


VB’s Autolevel feature is available for vehicles fitted with 4C full air suspension and is the benchmark in comfort convenience. The control module features a number of preset levels for various scenarios and offers manual control for your own personal preference. This system acts as a self leveller meaning parking on perfectly level ground is no longer a necessity. Self levelling systems currently aren’t available for all campervans, so VB’s Autolevel provides this utility along with the benefits of full air suspension.

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