MA-VE Hydraulic self levelling system

MA-VE Hydraulic self levelling system

Ma-Ve is a hydraulic motorhome levelling manufacturer that has always been committed to creating the highest quality products. Based in San Marino, their entire system is sourced and assembled from European parts.

The MA-VE automatic levelling system is built with quality, comfort and reliability at the heart of it’s design. putting ease of use and customer satisfaction before all else. All of the jacks are coated in five layers of protection to maximise durability and resistance to corrosion whilst sporting extra large support plates strengthened by stainless steel ribs to help prevent sinking into the ground. The plates are also fitted with drain holes and can be rotated to suit all types of surfaces. Should the worst happen and a jack seizes or locks up a failsafe hand lever has been installed so the feet can be retracted without the potential hassle of being stuck in the air somewhere.

The electronic control unit can be used to operate the levelling both manually and completely automatically. It can also be used for different functions, such as the emptying of tanks. The user interface is a simple control panel that will integrate perfectly into your vehicle thanks to its discreet and elegant design.

Clean, space-saving and safe

  • No bulky hydraulic components in the vehicle interior
  • No breakthrough in the superstructure required
  • System informs whether levelling is possible
  • Drive-off protection
  • Child safety lock and anti-theft protection

Newly developed touch screen remote control

  • Accurate levelling within minutes
  • A range of preset functions and the ability to independently control each ram.
  • Control app available for iOS devices.

Optimal weight distribution

  • Four Electrohydraulic assemblies fixed directly to the chassis.
  • Extra wide feet to avoid sinkage and better weight distribution.
  • Net weight of the system approx. 57kg (depending on vehicle variant)

Advanced Technology, simple - essential design

  • Maintenance-free with 3 year warranty
  • System can be removed in the event of a vehicle change
  • Fully automatic hydraulic levelling jacks
  • Sturdy and vibration-free position
  • System can be used to change tyres or even aid in emptying liquid tanks

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