Mobility Scooter Trailers

We are more than happy to talk through any special requirements you may have for a trailer to carry an out-of-the-ordinary scooter, be it longer, wider or heavier than the usual scooter (or all three!). This trailer is also fitted with the optional locking towing hitch for peace of mind. We can also supply spare wheels, fitted to the trailer or loose to be carried in the car.

The trailer to the left was built with a lower than usual front rail so that the rear stabilisers of the trike could hang over the front rail. This meant that the scooter could fit on our standard-sized mobility scooter trailer. There was no extra charge to make this alteration.

The standard model has a floor measuring 60 inches by 30 inches. It can be towed behind any vehicle which is allowed, by UK law, to tow. It is specially designed with ultra-low loading height to make it as easy as pie to direct your scooter up the fold down ramp into place.

We are happy to make the mobility scooter trailer in virtually any size you require. You can add on a few

inches in any direction or we can make you a double scooter trailer (side by side or tandem).

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