Pollicino Scooter/Motorbike/Ebike/Cycle garage loader

Loading track for scooter or motorbike

Loading your scooter or motorbike into your Motorhome, requires a considerable effort.

With the Pollicino loading track, this problem has been solved! Your scooter or motorbike is easily loaded into your motorhome garage with the Pollicino loading track. The loading track allows you to manually or electronically pull one scooter or motorbike in the Motorhome garage with a weight of up to 160KG depending on the loading track version.

The installation of the Pollicino is very simple and the removable clamps do not take up unnecessary space when not needed.

Using the motorbike/scooter slide.

When using the POLLICINO MOTO MANUAL or ELECTRIC, put the front wheel of your scooter or motorbike on the wheel clamp and secure it.

Once the front wheel is in the wheel clamp, push the scooter or motorbike inside (manual version), or let the Pollicino do everything completely automatically. (Electronic motorized version.) Especially with heavier scooters or motorbikes it is advisable to use a ramp. which is also available at Armitages.




BIKE SPEED (manual version)

For bicycles and E-bikes, the manual version (BIKE SPEED) is often enough

An advantage over other systems on the market is the retractable loading rod, the end of which can be placed on the ground. This means that you do not have to lift the whole bike.

A movie of the operation can be found alongside.

ELECTRIC BIKE (Motorized version)

When using the POLLICINO ELECTRIC BIKE, put the front wheels of your bikes (or e-bikes) on the wheel clamp and fasten them.

By using the remote control, you can automatically draw the bikes inwards. If you do not use the optional ramps, you must lift the back of the bicycles during operation.

In combination with ramp suitable for heavier e-bikes.

A movie of the operation can be found alongside.

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