Winch up Transverse Motorbike trailer (specifically manufactured for heavy bikes like Harley Davidsons)


With a payload of 380kg, our winch up trailer was originally produced to suit Harley Davidsons so it can handle a massive variety of bikes, from sports and racing bikes to tourers and cruisers. Measuring 151cm x 213cm it’s short enough to use on ferries and take to camp sites but wide enough to take choppers. As with all of our transverse trailers it can be laid on it’s end for storage.


As the trailer is typically transporting large, valuable bikes, we’ve done everything we can to put as much quality into the build as possible. It’s  winch, wheel clamp, ramp and loading system are all manufactured by Sawiko, a subsidiary of AL-KO and this is all built on our in-house custom fabricated steelwork.


At the moment this trailer is only available with a manual winch, however we currently have an electric winch trailer in development.

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