Standard Transverse Motorbike

Here we have our very popular sleek premium built side loading Scooter / Motorbike trailer with space saving in mind and infinitely adjustable for any type of bike. This can save you valuable money with some Ferry companies on your train length, when on site you can leave it locked to your towbar without it taking too much space behind you (no longer than a RV) they are also very conveniently stored on end when not in use. This is a premium built trailer with a fully welded construction then hot dipped galvanised for longevity. The quality of our trailers is not like any other in its type right down to the smaller details of running all the wires through the main body of the trailer leaving minimal exposed wires and not just tie wrapped to the chassis. We feel that with a premium built trailer you shouldn’t have to buy bolt on extra’s such as tie downs to secure your precious load and security couplings to keep it safe when you’re out and about, so with this in mind all our transverse trailers come with a handle bar securing ratchet strap set, seat clamping system with special designed ratchet strap to compress the suspension more than the human body could compress, Bradley cast coupling with a high security barrel lock, very long folding lightweight aluminium loading ramp for a nice steady incline and legs to stand it on end. However, we do have 3 optional extra’s a mounted spare wheel (some customers have one off their garden trailer), the braked castor wheel system for wheeling through gate ways and tight places (not required by all) and all LED light upgrade.

Setting up and loading the bike is simple, you can switch which side you would like to load from by simply un bolting the ramp locating bracket and bolting it on to the other side, then you slide the wheel loop off to slip it back on the opposite side and vice versa. The first time you set up the trailer to suit your Scooter / Motorbike you will need to slide the wheel loop along its tracks to centralize your bike, then we can slide across the post that holds the sliding seat clamp to position it on the deepest area of your seat so when fully compressed there is still a little give and will not damage it. Once set up you can simply load the bike as a one-man operation by sliding the seat clamp to the top of the post leaving room for the Scooter / Motorbike to pass under. Release the loading ramp and sit it on the ramp bracket with the pegs tucked behind the bracket so it cannot slip off, use the throttle of the bike to slowly take it up the very long ramp so the incline is steady and you are very close to the bike at all times not reaching over, up in to the wheel

loop then with one hand you can reach over and release the seat clamp which will slide down the post on to your seat holding the bike up right while you place your straps in to position. We firstly use the handlebar securing ratchet strap system to pull the bike firmly in to the front wheel holder to stop any side movement, once secured we then compress the seat clamp on to the seat by hand as much as we can. Lastly take the purpose made short ratchet strap with swivel hooks and clip the ratchet end on to the hoop hook on the sliding bracket and the other end goes to the hoop hook at the bottom of the post and begin to ratchet which will compress the bikes suspension more than the human body could ever compress. This needs to be as tight as it can be so the bike cannot jump out of the clamp if you hit a pothole at speed, but we must still have movement in the suspension so not to cause any damage. The idea of this securing system is not only to make it simple but to keep all the straps away from the bike protecting the paint work of your precious load from chaffing in the wind.

All our Transverse trailer range will stand on end against a wall with no alterations via the rear tie down stub legs but they will also stand on end at a slight angle in the middle of the garage with no wall assistance by removing the rear tie down stub legs which will leave a much shorter leg and the lights are protected. The seat clamp post is easily removed via 1 x M12 bolt, give it a wiggle to open the jaws that clamp it to the steel cross bearer and off it pops. Better still we have a braked castor storage solution which is great for those who need to get the Motorbike / Scooter trailer through a small gate way to the back of the house or simply to manoeuvre the trailer around in to a more convenient area whilst in the upright position. You simply slot in the castor system to where the rear tie down leg would have been with the braked castor closest to the ground, apply the brake so when you lift it doesn’t run away with you, when it’s in the upright position you simply disengage the brake to manoeuvre it around in any 360 degree direction that you choose.

With LED lights growing more & more popular on vehicles due to their reliability and brightness that LED lights offer we can upgrade the standard bulb lights to LED all round instead of just the front marker lights been LED. The LED light version has a 13-pin plug instead of the usual 7 pin plug due to them having the additional reversing lights on both sides but as you can see not only is the function of these lights great, they look the part also. Please be aware though that your towbar electrics must be LED compatible as a lot of dedicated wiring looms are not.


Overall Width – 2100mm (6′ 10″)

Overall Length – 1625mm (5′ 4″)

Train Length 1580mm (5′ 2.25″)

Ball height (Ground to centre of ball) 440mm (17.25″)

Loading Height 515mm (20.25″)

Anodized Aluminium Channel Length 1960mm (6′ 5″)

Max Bike Length (taken from the front wheel to centre rear wheel as the rest can overhang.) 2155mm (7′ 0.75″)

Accommodates all bikes except Harleys, Goldwing’s and extra-long custom-built bikes.

(See our winch up transverse motorbike trailer for the big boys capable of 370KG of bike)


Light Weight anodised aluminium folding Loading Ramp Length – 2225mm (7′ 4″) x 230mm (9″) wide

Light Weight Loading Ramp Capacity – 340kg

Unladen Weight – 125kg / Pay Load – 225kg.

Nose load = 30kg + 10% of weight of bike.

Wheels: 400 – 8 4Ply on 4 x 4 P.C.D rim.

Cast Coupling – Bradley, comes with high security barrel lock.

48mm Jockey wheel & clamp as standard.

Handlebar Ratchet system and ratchet strap for seat clamp included, everything you need to secure your precious load.

Fully hot dipped galvanised chassis & components.

Electrical cables threaded through the chassis for maximum protection.

Plug in easy change Radex bulb light clusters on both sides.

Plug in super seal LED front marker lamps.

Suspensions Units – Knott Avonride or Indespension c/w 1″ taper roller bearings and solid cast hubs.

Wheel loop is Zinc plated and fully adjustable on sliding brackets.

Load from any side and can be easily changed.

Fully adjustable seat clamp can be positioned on any side.

All straps away from the bike’s paintwork.

Extra-long loading ramps to give a very steady incline for ease of loading.

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