MP3 3 wheeled Scooter Transverse


This sleek design is made from mild steel and is then hot dipped galvanized to protect it from rust. These are very popular in the Motorhome Industry/Motorbike enthusiasts and you can see why our customers love them, due to the workmanship that goes into making these so light but yet so durable whilst allowing a load of 350kg of MP3 which are built on 500kg gross weight suspension.

The trailer has been re designed now so you can load from either side by just switching over the front rail so they can be unloaded on to the pavement regardless of which country you are in.

With this new design it now allows you to attach the winch post in 3 points – One on each end of the trailer to allow the MP3 to be loaded at ease but also a mid point whilst in transit for storage and is easily removed/attached from a spring pin design making it effortless.

This is a premium built trailer and due to it having a transverse design keeps the trailer length as short as possible. This not only takes up an amazingly small amount of space on the road and on camp sites, but can save an absolute fortune in ferry fares for biking motor homer’s who regularly cross the channel.

The single unit’s dimensions are deck size 2100mm(6’10”)length x 790mm (31″) wide. The overall length of the trailer back to centre of ball is1710mm(5’8.5″) The deck is 545mm 21.5 inches from the ground.

The re-designed trailer will happily carry a MP3 weighing up to a very generous 350kg.

Our Side loading MP3 Trailer also comes with a Jockey wheel, a 5ft bi-folding light weight aluminum ramp, handle bar ratchet strap system, 2 x endless ratchet straps and an insurance approved lockable coupling as standard.


optional extras: Winch, strap and detachable post  ( very useful bit of kit) – Spare wheel & carrier and all though the trailer will stand on its end without the use of a castor storage system if you need to wheel it around while on its end then these can be supplied also

Please note this trailer was designed for the Piaggio MP3 and all though the Yamaha Tricity also works with this trailer the Peugeot Metropolis does not without changing the singular 5ft bi folding ramp in to 3 x separate anodized 2m ramps that all fit inside each other and mounts on the front very neatly rather than under the deck but obviously this adds a little more to the cost.

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