Electronically braked A frames for those that require a lighter A frame weighing in at 11kg on vehicles up to 1300kg & 16kg for vehicles from 1300 – 2750kg as opposed to the Over-run braked a frame weighing in at 22kg for vehicles up to 980kg & 28kg for vehicles weighing 950 – 1550kg, so half the weight. This is also the only way we can convert vehicles weighting over 1550kg all the way up to 2750kg providing your Motorhome has the towing capacity to do so of course. There’s a large No of Motorhomes that can pull up to 2000kg and most campervans Fiat Ducato / Mercedes Sprinter etc. can tow trailers/cars on A frames from 2500kg up to 3500kg all though the maximum weight on this system is 2750kg, so this leaves you with the scope to take a much bigger family size vehicle with you.

The system is very user friendly just connect the A frame to the towing eyes which are removable just like our Over-run braked A frames are, plug in the electrics, remove the steering lock, flick a switch to turn on the braking system and away you go. We also install a feed to the battery on the vehicle so while you are towing it will keep the battery on the car topped up rather than having to start the vehicle when you pull over to run some charge back in to the battery like some installers say you have to do, so no worries about having a flat battery when you get to your destination, with this in mind though you will require 13 pin electrics on the Motorhome towbar with a switched ignition live feed which in most new installs it’s pretty standard these days.

You may also be happy to know, unlike most other electrically braked A frame installers who can only convert a select few vehicles where they only have to weld another towing eye in the existing steel crash beam, we will replace the original with a reinforced version suitable to tow from (front end towbar) for long distances year after year without the risk of them pulling out under strain. This also means there’s not a vehicle we cannot convert for A frame towing up to the weight limits specified and providing the vehicle can be towed on all 4 wheels of course for long distances at speed i.e. be careful with certain 4 x 4 vehicles and automatics, so always check that the vehicle you want to tow can be towed in this way before bringing it in to be converted as Armitages cannot be responsible for any damage caused to gearboxes etc. because they are not suitable to be towed on all four wheels.

The braking system:

DUO combines the power of air pressure and the gentleness of vacuum to give you the fastest most powerful self-contained supplemental brake ever. Duo uses the power and speed of air pressure to activate your towed vehicle brake pedal while creating vacuum for the power brake system.

These two features combine to create the only progressive and proportionate vacuum assisted system with total control. Duo requires BOTH deceleration AND Motorhome/campervan brake lights to apply the towed vehicle brakes. By combining two separate signals the need for complicated electronics is eliminated, which provides you a more reliable long-lasting system. In addition, DUO is the pioneer in user friendly operation; “Just Turn it on…and Tow.”

This simple technology was first introduced in 2003. Tried and true, DUO does not have to be taken in and out for normal operation of the towed vehicle. Unhook the car and drive off, that’s all. No box, no wires, in fact, no physical connection to the motorhome at all.

  • Patent-pending air cylinder applies your towed vehicle’s power-assisted brakes AND automatically applies proportionate and progressive brake effort. Only 10 pounds of force on your brake pedal in normal braking.
  • “Panic Stop Braking” – only Demco brings you additional stopping effort in a panic… up to three times the normal effort.
  • Motorhome/Campervan notification of brakes applied with every unit.
  • The Stay-IN-Play DUO creates vacuum to provide totally reliable and consistent brake application.
  • Two signals are required to activate the Stay-IN-Play DUO system. The Motorhome/Campervan brake must be applied, AND there must be sufficient G-force. Stay-In-Play Duo should not activate while the Motorhome/Campervan or towed vehicle is not moving. No unwanted or unnecessary brake activations on grades or over bumps. And best of all, it is all automatic.
  • “Zero” set up for towing – the Stay-IN-Play DUO is always ready to tow.
  • Simple installation mounts the small operating unit under the hood or under the seat in some cases of the towed vehicle, so you never know it is even installed.
  • The air cylinder is so small it fits in the palm of your hand. No other system offers this much control and this much power all combined with a simple install.
  • On/off operation means you are tow ready in less time.

Play the below video to hear all about this impressive braking system

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